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Dark and Light – Meteor Drops And Other Good Loot

16 October 2017, Monday, 1:21:17


Meteor Drops And Other Good Loot

There are 6 different meteors, the white glowing ones drop usually stone or sulfur and has a Dark Fallen skeleton coming with it. Player level got to be at least level 5 to loot it.

Green glowing meteors drop stone, copper or iron and elemental cores. They got usually also a Dark Fallen skeleton coming with them, rarely any Reaper. Player level to loot is 15.
The blue glowing meteor has copper or iron or mithril and elemental cores. They come with Dark Fallen or Wraith ( Reaper). The loot level of the player is 25.
Purple glowing meteors do have crystal (lightstone), cores and mithril inside. They drop with a Dark Fallen or Dark Fire elemental. Player level to open them is 35.
Orange meteors carry darkstone, lightstone and elemental cores. They come with a Dark Fallen or Dark Wind Elemental. To open those you need to be level 45.
The red meteors are the highest, they drop Darkstone, Lightstone and elemental cores. They are guarded by Dark Fallen or Earth Elementals. You need to be level 60 to open them.


The dark enemies will drop ice cubes, bones, rotten meat, rarely arrows, fur, spells and saddles and even more rare will there be weapons or armor which have a chance to be better than crafted ones. The higher level the enemy the higher tier is also the loot. The tier quality can be craftable, common, uncommon, rare or legendary. I had the experience that even if your pet eats the enemy the loot will be there.


A good place to go for meteor loot is the floating island and the vulcano island. The reapers you’ll also find on the island with the big shipwreck. You can also start a hard event at the altar of the floating island but prepare to die and have to revive your pets later on.
Other good loot you can get from the town guards, they drop a very good armor. Unfortunately people seem to kill for that reason often also the vendor traders.


Goblins and their chests got a chance to drop gold coins. The Elite Goblin drops sometimes a very good goblin club for taming.
There’s an underground dungeon (sewer and prison system) in the human city with spiders, skeletons and reapers. No loot boxes or anything, but a challenging area with darkstone nodes.
The caves are currently blocked by some walls with a magic symbol. They get reworked.


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