Dark and Light – Planting and Fertilizing


Planting and Fertilizing

Each plot only requires (1) one seed. To plant the seed in a plot, aim at the plot and press (E) to open the plot inventory. Drag 1 seed into the inventory, followed by the fertilizer.


How many bags of fertilizer you need depends on what size plot you’re using. For a medium plot, i recommend NO LESS than 2 medium fertilizer bags. This will grow one crop.. If you want to continue producing then you will have to add more bags.


Once the plants have grown and are established, fertilizer consumption is drastically reduced. If you are going away for a few days be sure to throw in a few extra bags! Your plants will die, but anything that was produced prior will be available for harvest when you return.


It is very simple to know how much fertilizer your plants are consuming. Simply hover over the plants and an indicator will tell you how much is left. If you press and hold (E), a menu will open showing you the exact stage your plants are in.



Once you plant your seeds and give them some fertilizer, you want to monitor the fertilizer (and water) usage for the first hour or so to make sure that things are moving along before you log out. You don’t want to return the next day and expecting a garden full of plants if you ran out of water or fertilizer.




There are 3 (three) stages that you can check to make sure things are progressing.

1st: Seedlings.

2nd: Midling.
They’re about half way there..

3rd: Fruiting
Whoa! how pretty, aren’t they?!

Once your plants have reached the 3rd stage, you should be able to harvest. View the plot and press (E) and simply take what is needed.

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