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Dark and Light – Private Server Configuration to Use Console

23 July 2017, Sunday, 20:52:31


Private Server Configuration to Use Console

Follow these steps;
1-) First find the server admin password.
2-) When found, type in the console -> EnableCheats (admin password) For Example: EnableCheats 123456789
3-) Then type -> SetCheatPlayer true

After all this you should be able to use the codes.

You can find the console command list here;

Dark and Light Console Commands


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Name : Wyspr | Comment Date : July 26th, 2017

I play single-player, Dark and Light. I have tried multiple times to get the coin cheat code to work and have been unsuccessful. I copy and paste from here and have to add in the apostrophes and quotation marks because they don’t seem to want to paste, but nothing is working. What am I missing?

Name : Falagar | Comment Date : July 26th, 2017

Cheat giveitemnum 299 1 0 0 or giveitemnum 299 1 0 false both forms work

Name : Excess Evil | Comment Date : July 26th, 2017


It does work.

You’re just doing it wrong.

When entering these codes for Dark and Light, or any other games for that matter, don’t add the (“) quotes etc at the end and beginning of the line or anywhere in between.

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