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Dark and Light – Quick Start Guide / Tips

15 August 2017, Tuesday, 22:04:43


Quick Start

1. Exit the east bridge of the city of Talos and enter the nearby village/farm thing.

(You will find an infinite Campfire for food and an Infinite source of water from the Well)



2. Once you reach “Level up 3/4” quest, it all bugs out, you’ve pretty much completed the tutorial and have all the Freebies.



3. Use pickaxe on trees until you unlock Ranged Weapons Rank 1, you will get access to throwing knifes which will be your bread and butter.

(Yes, you can kill ANYTHING, that isn’t massive, with these, with enough time, start hunting Wraiths and Skeletons at meteors)



4. Practice Dodging (CTRL) Yes this game has quite a bit in common with Dark Souls and Monster Hunter in that regard.

(Do not forget to manually rebind your keys in the .ini, cant remember where it is but set crouch to C and leave CTRL as dodge)



5. Unlock Bows ASAP, always keep two with you and 80 arrows.

(You can now farm anything and everything you see, large or small)



6. Do not bother with Base Building, find some people to join or make a few friends, in the meantime use the city as your base, you cannot be raided if you do not have a base to begin with!

(The HumanCity has a public Forge for making and repairing weapons, but i recommend buying them)



7. Bows are for DPS and Crossbows are for pairing with “Spider Silk Orbs” which slow down fast creatures like panthers so you can escape.

(Crossbows only have 1/3 the DPS of bows and they both do the same damage, however a bow will have a hard time killing things like panthers due to their health and speed, IE. There is no best weapon, carry them BOTH with you!)



8. Your character “Falls Asleep” on the ground when you log out, rent one of the shacks around the town, there are the slums in the north and village in the east, both can store private forges and workshops while also protecting you from looters, make gold by harvesting resources and selling them at the NPC vendors.

(The houses are SUPER cheap, but you have to log in to “Re-Rent” them after a certain amount of days, living in the city also gives you the benefit of an indestructible home and the chance to meet others)



9. Copper can be found in the river under the bridge, Iron and Mithril on the nearby mountain.



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