Dark and Light – Saddles and Whistle Commands


Saddles and Whistle Commands

To ride the animal you’ll need to craft a saddle. Saddles can be crafted in the inventory and need a certain riding rank to be crafted.


  • Player Level 5/ Riding Skill Rank 1: Boar Saddle, Horse Saddle


  • Player Level 10/ Riding Skill Rank 2: Deer Reins, Grut Stag Saddle


  • Player Level 15/ Riding Skill Rank 3: Arachnea saddle, Bargesh Saddle, Stirge Saddle


  • Player Level 20/ Riding Skill Rank 4: Kodo Saddle, Longhorn Saddle, Vrock Saddle


  • Player Level 25/ Riding Skill Rank 5: Lavatiger Saddle, Panther Saddle


  • Player Level 30/ Riding Skill Rank 6: Bear Saddle, Mastodorn Saddle, Wyvern Saddle


  • Player Level 35/ Riding Skill Rank 7: Griffin Saddle, Yeti Saddle Bahamut


  • Player Level 40/ Riding Skill Rank 8: Frost Dragon Saddle, Infernus Dragon Saddle, Nighog Saddle



There are whistle commands for tamed animals in the keybindings:


  • Whistle “All follow put” = `


  • Whistle “All stay put” = ,


  • Whistle”You follow me” = B


  • Whistle ” You stay put” = M


  • Whistle “All neutral” = J


  • Whistle “All Passive” = K


  • Whistle “Attack this Target” = H


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