Dark and Light – Seeds and Plant Types


Seeds and Plant types
There are a total of 9 seeds in the game to grow plants from.

Darkweed (L)
Fireblossom (L)
Lightblossom (L)
Shrubbery (Cooking Herb) (S/M/L)
Snow Lotus (Snow Loti) (L)
Terra Flowers (L)
Thundergrass (L)
Wheat Seeds (S/M/L)
Fungal spores (Grows: DeathCap Mushrooms, Nightcap, Whitecap and Vigor) (M/L)

(S) Small Plot
(M) Medium Plot
(L) Large Plot

The rarest as Darkweed seed and LightBlossom seeds. Unfortunately, the only way that i’ve discovered to obtain these seeds is by killing a Treant and using the scythe to “harvest” these seeds.

Thundergrass seeds, fire blossom and snow lotus are also a little more difficult to get, but not that hard if you head over to the wheat fields. The good part is you do not need very many of them.. One seed per plot is all you need, and once you grow plants from these seeds you get more seeds. These seeds can be sold to certain NPCs for good amount of gold.


Plants I prefer to grow
There are around 4-5 seeds in the game that are a bit more difficult to get, so i prefer to grow these plants as each plot will produce seeds, which you can then sell to an NPC (about 10 seeds for 100 gold).


Shrubbery (Shrub Seedlings)
Grows in: Medium plot.

Shrubbery will grow in about 4-5 hours. Along with the flowers you get, the seeds, and the elemental cores, there is also a chance of getting a Lucky Clover. This can either be used for cooking, taming or sold to the Archer NPC for 777 gold (once you have leveled them up).

I estimate the chance of getting a Lucky Clover is around 20%. of the 12 plots of Shrubbery that I planted. I got a total of 3 Lucky Clovers. So if you’ve planted 4 plots with Shrubbery, you might get 1 clover per growing cycle (either every 2, 5 or 8 hours depending on the type of plant/seeds grown).


Thundergrass (Thundergrass Seeds)
Grows in: Large Plot

These will grow in about 7-8 hours. This is an ingredient needed to produce Acidic Extract which is used to create all tame feed in the Cooking Pot.

As mentioned before, any extra seeds can be sold to NPC or saved for future plantings.


Fire Blossom (Fireblossom Seeds)
Grows in: Large Plot.

Another ingredient used for crafting tame feed.
These seeds are harder to come by that generally aren’t found as often, so it’s nice to have extra seeds, either for planting or trading.

Darkweed and Lightblossom seeds are also beneficial to grow, although these two seeds aren’t used as often as the others, it’s always a good idea to have them handy. Darkseeds is used as an ingredient for creating a potion to reset your skill stats points.

Fungal spores are fairly easy to get.. simply tame a boar and you’ll have more than you’ll ever need.

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