Dark and Light – Starting Out Into the World – Quests


Starting Out Into the World – Quests
You will start near your faction city and be greeted by a number of tutorial quests shown in the lower left.

-The quest indicator in the lower left will always show you the quest you just made an advancement in. Its just a visual help, there are no “active quests” like in RPGs such as Witcher, Skyrim, etc.
-Quest (tasks actually) are listed under “O” and they depend on character- and skill-level.
-All tasks can be performed parallel, meaning you can complete multiple quests in the questline at the same time
-You cannot select an “active task”, the game does that for you.
-The first broken/bugged quest you will find is the “earn gold from vendors”. This will simply not work. You can just ignore it or even turn off the indicator in the lower left.
-There are a lot more broken ones in the quest chain and many will not continue sadly. Try to see them as “Tutorials” and check under “O” what you should be doing or should be doing later on. Hopefully it will get fixed.

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