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Dark and Light – The Summoning Pool Guide


Summoning Pool

The Summoning Pool is relatively easy to get.


You just have to get to Taming Rank 3 to be able to craft one.[Best way to get there is crafting those Hook Arrows]


To build it you’ll need 350 stones, 150 Copper Ingots, and 20 Magic Essence.


After you crafted it just build it where you want, but be careful because it is really big.


After you build it you need either a Small Soul Suppress Stone[Taming Rank 3], a Summoning Stone [Taming Rank 5], or a Soul Suppress Stone [Taming Rank 6]



Small Soul Suppress Stone

The Small Soul Suppress Stone is used to tame lesser Elementals like the Fire Imps or Water Imps.


You get the Small Soul Suppress Stone by reaching Taming Rank 3.


You can then craft it by using 11 Sulfur Ore, 11 Ice Chunks, 11 Stones, 11 Charcoal, and 1 Magic Essence.


After you have crafted it, just go find an Imp and kill it. After you’ve done the deed take the stone into your hands and press LMB to suck it into the stone(If this does not work hold down LMB for a second or two).


Take the Stone to your Summoning Pool and put it into it.


The Pool will now ask you for a certain amount of Ice Chunks and Magic Crystals to revive the Imp.


The amount depends on the level of the Imp you want to tame.


Just get those Materials into the pool and start reviving the pool. It will then take a short while for the Imp to revive and you’ll see a percentage if you look at your Summoning Pool.


When you are at 100% your Imp is revived and is tamed.



Summoning Stone

The Summoning Stone is actually the most important thing about the Summoning Pool.


With it, you can revive any creature you tamed if it died. !!! The creature has to be saved before it died!!!


You can get it after reaching Taming Rank 5.


Once you’ve reached Taming Rank 5, you can craft it in your inventory with 25 Ground Bone, 25 Quartz Sand, and 5 Magic Essence.


After you crafted it, take it into your hands and go to the tamed creature you want to save. Press LMB to save it and then put the stone somewhere safe(the best would be to put it into the pool).


Once it died you can go to your Summoning Pool and click on your Stone.


You will need to gather Meat and Hide to revive your creature.


The amount depends on the level and the species of your creature.


Once you gathered all the materials and started reviving it will need a little while to revive them.


You will see a miniature version of your creature on top of the pool. Make Sure it doesn’t die otherwise the revival will be aborted.


If everything goes right you will get back your creature with the level being the same as when you saved it.



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