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Dark And Light – Taming Basics

30 July 2017, Sunday, 0:51:16



To tame animals you will need to advance in ranged crafting and taming first (or steal/buy the needed stuff).


You will need a ranged weapon like a bow, some hook arrows and a feeding trough (as well as food, of course). Then adjourn out and look for an animal to tame.


When you fire the hook arrow at the animal, you must press left click again to hook the other end of the rope to the ground. The rope arrows do not simply ‘inject’ torpor like in Ark but will ‘tick’ torpor on the target. What it means that the more the target pulls on the rope, the more torpor gets added. This is the end of “stuck tameing” I fear. If a mob can not move it will hardly get any torpor from the arrows. (You can however, strech the rope manually by moving away from the mob when you got the arrow in).


This means there is a difference in taming things like sheep and aggressive creatures like boars. The sheep will run from you where you can follow up and shoot more arrows in as soon as it reaches the max length of rope. A boar however will chase you, so you run away and shoot behind when the rope is at max length. Be mindful that the boar will charge and break the rope easily.


When the torpor (or damage) is high enough, most mobs will try to run away. Keep an eye on that boar and follow up as soon as the hunter-hunted part changes!


Rope arrows do no damage! Keep ’em coming!


When the mob goes down, it is time to tame. Place the feeding trough next to your target and fill it with food. The mob will eat one piece of food at a time and gain “taming”. At the same time the “constitution” stat will drop (you can hear and see it munching as well as trying to stand up).


If the constitution reaches 0 before the tameing is at 100 % the mob will get up and start moving again. To prevent this, just shoot another rope arrow into the prey, BUT since it does not move anymore, you need to move away until the rope holds you back. Then place it. The torpor gets added with the next tick.


The “wildness” stat is equivalent to the tameing efficiency in. It goes down with feeding (the lower the quality of the feed is) and will determine what level the mob will have when tameing is down. Higher wildness stats means more bonus levels when taming is complete!


One good thing: Tameing is waaaaaay faster then in Ark!

Some other stuff to note:

-If the food runs out before the tame is done, the taming will go down.

-If the server goes down (or a rollback halfway), it will still maintain the taming process, you just need to reconnect fast enough when the server goes back on.




Beastiary, and more

When you open your inventory or any other menu you can navigate to the ‘Beastiary’ tab. A small symbol on the cards (collar?) means the beast is tameable. Rabbits for example, are not.


Sheep is your best way to get fur. You simply put grass in and get fur out (requires taming rank 1). You can not ride them. Also, sheep loooove apples.


Boars are basically your “Trike”. You get wood and tooooons of twine with them, as well as grass, straw and berries. They are insanly fast (lags and rubberbanding incoming!) and a way cooler (and saver – no trample) way of transportation. Their weightlimit skyrockets fast when you add stats to it. Boars also love apples. Crunch crunch.


Hyenas are your first (likely) carnivore tames. They are fast, but can not carry much. They eat through straw huts like a hot knife through butter and they shower you with meat, bones, fur and hide (not from players for some reason). They love rotton meat.


Rokhs/Vrocks (the two headed vultures) are your likely your first flyers and are easy to tame.


Just spam arrows in (it has to sit down for some buggy reason) and you will notice the creature does not do anything. It does not aggro that much anyway and it simply sits around.


Your hook arrows will break fast but keep spamming. When it starts to fly, stop and follow. The last rope will break while it is in the air and it will land again. If it is not knocked out by then, repeat.


Those bird are not much good tbh, but they provide mobility and can transport sheep as well as players.


Other flyers are more difficult. Wyverns tend to flee a lot and not come back down and griffins will not “run” but hurt you quiet a bit. From the lot, Griffins are the easiest to tame, imho.


With some exceptions the food tree like this:
Herbivore: grass < apples < rare drops like lucky clover < herbivore feed


Carnivore: raw meat < rotten meat (if they like that) < raw fine meat < carnivore feed


Magical creatures eat magic shards and you have SEVERAL rare drops here to also feed them.


Elementals and spirits need another approach. You need supression stones, weaken them with ores and magic shards and then put them in the summoning pool to revive.


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