Dark and Light – Taming Elementals and Reviving Dead Pets


Taming Elementals and Reviving Dead Pets

If you want to tame an elemental you’ll need to get it down to low health and use the soul stone on it (just put it in a quickslot and click on it). The elemental must be close to dying (if the health is too high you will get at using the stone a message “the animal blood is too much” if it is working a message will say “save”. The glyph on the rune will turn white and you’ll get a message saying it was successful. Aiming for the feet of the Elemental helps when aiming.


If you have captured its soul you’ll notice that (if not, the game will tell you that it has too much health left and you need to go on damaging it). The stone now holds the soul and should tell you the materials you’ll need for its revival at the pool (usually ores and shards). Bring it there and start the revival which will take quite long. The summoning pool can be used to tame imps (which are lower elementals) or elementals. You will find it in the crafting skill menu under adventuring/ taming. You can also use it to revive your dead pets if you saved them before with the help of a summoning stone.


The small supress souls stone is used to tame smaller elementals like Imp’s, you need to hold it and press the left mouse button to sink the dead Imp into the stone. Put it into your toolbar and press its number to use it. Put the stone now into the pool. The amount of other resources the pool will ask you for depends always on the level of your creature.


If you have several stones in your summoning pool, whichever creature you have that you want to revive needs to be placed before any other stone as they lay in a “que” otherwise. For Imp’s you’ll need to put ice cubes (can get dropped by dark souls, reapers, and ice elementals) and magic shards into the pool. With those, you’ll revive the Imp you are taming. The soul suppress stone is used to tame elementals. You can craft it when you have taming rank 6.


You’ll need a core of each kind of elemental, earth, fire, air, and water, and 1 chaos essence. After this, the process for taking the elemental is the same as the one mentioned for taming lesser elementals. You need to hold the soul suppress stone and press the left mouse button to sink the almost dead elemental into the stone, then you revive him in the pool. The amount of other resources the pool will ask you for depends again on the level of your creature. The summoning stone revives dead creatures and pets you did save in a stone before.


You can craft the summoning stone at taming rank 5. Take it into your hands and press the left mouse button to save the creature and then put the stone either into the pool or into any other save place. To revive a pet you need to add also resources to the pool. While reviving a miniature picture of your pet shows up on top of your pool. You got to protect this miniature.



Boar, Wolf, Colossal Flathorn (Grut Stag), Deer, Sheep, Hyena (Bargesh), Kebo (Kodo), Bear, Panther, Lavatiger, Berunda (Vrock), Gryphon, certain types of Dragons, Yeti, Cyclops, Longhorn, Flarehorn (Bahamut), Unicorn, Goblins


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