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Dark and Light – Taming Foods


Taming Foods 
Note that the following may have inaccuracies, please do not blame us if your ‘Wildness’ drops due to unoptimal feeding foods. Feeding the wrong specified food (Raw meat instead of rotten for Bargesh) will just drop Wildness, not kill the tame.

Tentatively, all herbivores eat the same thing (from lowest taming feed to highest):
-Grass – From the ground
-Apples – From trees
-Lucky Clover – A rare crop harvest from shrubs
-Herbivore Feed – Crafted in Cooking pot at Taming 4


Carnivores on the other hand have different requirements, which makes it more of a headache:
-Raw Meat – From all monsters that dont require soul supression stones
-Fine Meat – From some large higher tier monsters like Elephants/Bahamut
-Carnivore Feed – Crafted in Cooking pot at Taming 4


UNIQUE: Cured Meat/Fine Meat – Crafted in Larder Box with Sulfur:
-Nidhogg (There is a large debate on the taming food for this)


UNIQUE: Rotten Meat – Harvestable from Dark Wraiths or letting meat spoil
-Bargesh – Prefers Carnivore Feed over Rotten

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