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Dark and Light – Taming Guide

25 July 2017, Tuesday, 18:39:59



To tame any animal you’re going to need a bow and the “Hook Arrow” and Feeding Trough.

Bow material costs: 15 Wood 50 Twine
Hook Arrow Material Cost: 3 Charcoal, 5 Twin, 1 Arrow, 1 Magic Stone

You must be outside of town, inside the town limits will result in nothing.

Use your Hook Arrows on the target and place the hook into the group with left click.

Continue to do so until target falls asleep. Think Tranq Arrows. It’s the same concept. Lines MUST BE TIGHT to work!

Once asleep, if you need more “torpor” use another hook arrow on the target.

You must place a feeding trough next to the target and place the taming food (grass or otherwise) inside it.


Taming Food and Kibble
Every tameable mob in general will either eat grass or meat. Carnivores eat meat, while herbivores eat grass products.

Every Herbivore will eat the following in order of least effective to most effective.

Grass < Apples < Lucky Clover < Herbivore Feed



Every Carnivore will eat Raw Meat, and Raw Fine Meat, but NOT COOKED MEAT. Carnivore feed giving the best effective taming speeds and effectiveness.

Raw Meat < Raw Fine Meat < Carnivore Feed

Recipe for Carnivore Feed
1 Air Essence: 1 Air Elemental Core, 5 Magic Essences (1 Glass Bottle, 10 Magic Shards each) at Magic Alter
30 Cured Meat: 1 Cooked Meat Each in Larder Box.
3 Fire Blossoms (Farmed from Fireblossom Seed)
3 Terra Flowers (Farmed from Terra Flower Seed)

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Name : Richard Woodward | Comment Date : July 28th, 2017

Hey this is awesome and helpful but I was wondering what took gets hide the best

Name : Elle Jade | Comment Date : July 30th, 2017

Hey Richard! I’ve found the best tool for hide is an Iron Dagger!

Name : Velanorila | Comment Date : August 1st, 2017

Hey also centaurs and elementals don’t fall in either category centaurs for example I found out eat cooked meat over raw meat.

Name : Glothmog | Comment Date : August 6th, 2017

hey has it been reported that when you get done moving your avatar moving one direction after you stop he turns around facing backwards? Is this a bug and will it be fixed?

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