Dark and Light – The Beastiary


The Beastiary

The Beastiary tells you a rough description of each monster’s traits and where to find them. Note that not all of the monsters displayed can be found naturally in-game. They can however be spawned using admin cheats. Note that some of the monsters may not look exactly the same in-game when compared to the Beastiary. You can ‘obtain’ the Beastiary card when you either tame or kill that specified monster (can be a house member doing it nearby), but it may bug and not register at times.




From left to right:
Orange Circle –
Skull – Non-divine Monster
Skull with Crown – Divine Monster
Sword Clashing – Herding instinct. Hitting one will attract the aggro from other of the same species within close vicinity.
Shield – Defensive instinct. Will run when damaged.
Sword – Aggressive instinct. Will attack you when nearby.
Meat and Wheat – Omnivore. Will eat both meat and berries after tame.
Wheat – Herbivore. WIll eat berries after tame.
Meat – Carnivore. Will eat meat after tame.
Crystal – Can be captured using large/small soul suppression stones.
Collar – Tamable.
Saddle – Has a craftable saddle in-game.

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