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Dark Eclipse – Tips & Tricks

7 September 2018, Friday, 18:24:55

Tips & Tricks

The home advantage

If a Leader is close to a Tower, it’s supporting Soldier units will be automatically revived if they are slain in battle. The higher the Tower’s build cost, the quicker the Soldier will be brought back to life.




Operation: Human Shield

Eaters will always attack Soldiers first and leave Leaders till later.




The woods are dangerous…

An Eater will respawn quicker if it is defeated close to an area with lots of trees.




Strong foundations

Towers cannot be damaged by Active Skills. You’ll have to get up close to take them down.




Many spies have many eyes

Defeating Eaters causes them to drop Vision Stones, which gets rid of any lingering fog of war in the area.




The spoils of war

When an enemy is defeated, all nearby Leaders receive an equal share of any experience gained.




Deadly creatures

The species of Eater that appears on the map is always random, but their spawn positions and relative strength will always be the same.




Secure the area

If a Tower is attacked while it is being built, the amount of resources held there will be depleted.



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