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Dark Quest 2 – Tips & Tricks

6 March 2018, Tuesday, 18:45:19

Tips & Tricks

The castle and its dungeons hold many dangers. Here are some tips to help you survive!

1) Make sure you explore all rooms and get all the magic pots from a quest.

2) If you can’t beat a level, consider doing a different one or even redo a quest to get gold and pots.

3) Try unlock the bonus level as it will give you lots of goodies

4) Craft a platemail and give it to the dwarf or barbarian, a dwarf with platemail is very hard to take down in melee.

5) Take out dangerous enemies first, warlocks and assassin’s in particular need to die immediately. The barbarian axe can be useful for that.

6) Put your heroes in good positions, enemies at the moment will always attack the closest hero.

E.g. If you facing 2 warlocks and your barbarian is low health, put the wizard close to them so he can absorb the magic attacks with his shields. Then use the barbarian to kill the nearest and the wizard to finish the second one.

7) Try unlock the Dark Monk and level him up, he is very powerful hero.

8) Artifacts will make your life a lot easier as there are lot different strategies you can take.

9) When facing lots of enemies, you will need strong AOE such as firewall, inferno and lighting bolt.

10) There is a dirty trick you can use sometimes, when you enter a room cast a spell, exit and enter again… you will be able to cast a spell again.

11) The dwarf with the find gold skill and his high perception can yield a lot of extra gold with each quest.

12) Travel boots on the barbarian can give you enough walk range to attack almost anyone in the room.



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