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26 May 2018, Saturday, 14:23:28

PvP Tips & Tricks


Unless you’re level 300+, you can’t be an all-rounded character, choose what you want your build to focus on as early as you can, you’ll be able to spend not only your souls, but also your titanite on the gear you want to use.

No matter what build you choose, if you’re new to the game, you’ll NEED to put lots of levels into vitality, as this is what determines how much HP you have, as you’ll want to be able to survive PvE as well. Once you get a bit more experienced with the mechanics and the level layouts, you can try a second or third playthrough with less HP, but you’ll want to be a big damage sponge until then.




Invasions can be scary, scary for both the host and the invader, this is especially true if you’re new to the game, impassable fog walls will appear and you hear that dreaded sound, but it’s not all bad.

First of all, don’t try and run away, this will just show the invader that you’re afraid, and this will make them much more aggressive; face the invader, and even bow if you’re far away enough, most invaders are only after a fight, and if you give them one, you’ll both have a fun time fighting.

If both of you bow, you are now duelling, and there are a few unspoken rules when duelling, these include:

-No drinking Estus Flasks
-No phantoms can join in and help you
-No cheesing (chain backstabs, parry spamming, etc. etc.)

There’s no harm in not obeying the rules, it’s just that if you do, your fights will be a lot cleaner and won’t be as frustrating for either of you.



PvP Covenants

You’ll see some strange summon signs on the floor sometimes, big grey eyes, and huge, white ones that glow black, these are summon signs for two of the PvP covenants, so keep in mind that the only phantoms who are helpful are the white summon signs, and the Sunbro summon signs.

Although, if you’re looking for PvP experience, the grey eye ones are a good idea, as the phantom will come, you’ll fight, and then the phantom will leave, just like an invasion, however you get to decide when and where you fight, and they’re completely optional.




There are a few tricks that you can try out on the NPC enemies, like hollows, these include:

Backstabs: Make sure you are NOT blocking, walk behind an enemy and light attack.

Parry: Press the Left Trigger (on an XB360 controller) when an enemy is about to attack, this can take some practice to get the hang of, but it’s very useful once you’ve got the hang of it.

Riposte: Light attack after the enemy is stunned from a parry for massive damage.

Rolling: Press B (on the XB360 controller) to roll away, you can go forwards, backwards, left or right (however you can roll at whatever angle you want if you stop locking onto an enemy), you’ll also get a few invincibility frames if you time it right.*

*The lighter gear you use, the faster you will roll, and the more invincibility frames you’ll get, the more you practise with rolling, the lighter the armour you’ll need, some people even PvP with no armour whatsoever.



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