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Darkest Dungeon Cheat Codes


Infinite Gold Cheat

Follow the steps below to have unlimited gold in Darkest Dungeon.



1-) Go to




2-) Open quest.json with a text editor.



3-) To increase/decrease the amount of gold, Look for the following lines :

“type”: “gold”,
“id”: “”,
“amount”: 3000



4-) Change 3000 to 70000000 (or whatever). If you want you can change all the amounts. Save.


Each dungeon has a payout related to the length and difficulty of the quest; changing that number changes the gold payout.


Once you start up Darkest Dungeon again, everything’s the same, only doing a quest for whatever gold amount you edited will instead give you 70000000 gold (or whatever you made it)


Note – each time you change 3000 to 70 million or whatever, or 4500 to 90 million or whatever, that only affects *one* quest length/difficulty. When you’re done, you can change it back.


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