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Darkwood PC Controls


PC Controls

Darkwood uses fairly simple controls. WASD control your movement. Your mouse controls your line of sight. You have a vision cone that varies in effectiveness based on the lighting of the area. Anything outside of your vision cone is distorted at best and pitch black at worst. Try not to leave your back to any area for too long.


Hold left shift to sprint. A grey meter in the upper left corner of the screen measures your stamina. Be careful not to waste your energy running when you don’t need to be. You can’t be sure about what monsters might take the opportunity to pounce right then.


To interact with something you need to be close to it. Hover your mouse over the object and you’ll see a recommended command. These commands include Examine, Search, Barricade, and Talk. But with many objects you can do multiple different actions. To access something other than the recommended option you can hover over the object and hold down the Left Mouse Button (LMB). This will bring up your other options.


When Searching an object you will see a list of lootable goods. You can click with the LMB to select an object and you can click an empty inventory space to take the object. If you want to take everything faster then hold down left shift while clicking objects. If there are multiples of an object (say, seven match sticks) then they can be put into one inventory slot. This happens automatically, but there’s a limit. It seems that said limit averages out around a half dozen (give or take, you can find out how many you can carry in one inventory slot via hovering over the item).


To access your inventory when you aren’t searching something just press Tab. This also brings up the crafting menu.
Items that you have the prerequisites to craft will be grey/white. Items that you are missing ingredients for will be red. To see the specific materials and information about a crafting item simply hover your mouse over it. To craft an item click and hold the icon.


To use an item in your inventory you can Click and hold LMB until the Use option shows up.


Combat is pretty straightforward. Put a weapon in your 1, 2, or 3 slot. Equip it. Hold down the Right Mouse Button (RMB) to ready melee weapons and click the LMB to swing them down. Your health is in the upper left corner, right above your stamina bar.

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