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Darkwood – “The Church” Side Quest

17 August 2017, Thursday, 22:13:16


Darkwood – “The Church” Side Quest

This is the side quest that was previewed in the interactive trailer. If you go to the church regularly you won’t find anything. To trigger this quest you need to cook until you have attained at least three upgrades. To do so I recommend storing all of your mushrooms and odd meat until you have enough. If you die you get set back a dose, so be careful.


You can also kill NPCs for roaches (they give you a lot of essence and they make dosing MUCH easier), but keep in mind that this is permanent. You cannot unkill them. They die in one hit from what I have seen. The game saves instantly upon their deaths. You’ve been warned.


Once you’ve dosed enough a cut scene will occur. You’ll be teleported to the church. You’ll have no items in your inventory (meaning that you can’t heal or fight as well), so make sure you have decent health.


Walk up to the church and you’ll see a ghostly preacher figure speaking to someone. Walk by him and go to the end of the church. You’ll see a trap door. Try to use it and you’ll see a sudden line of dialogue from behind you. Turn around and you’ll see ghost children. They’re harmless, so you can ignore them.


To the right of the trap door is a crate. Search it. Take the picklock from inside. To the left of the ghost children should be a door. It’s locked. Use the picklock on it. Hurry inside and push the wardrobe in front of the door. Quickly search the room and find a weapon. The preacher is coming for you.


I think you can make it out the back door of this room and escape, which triggers a cutscene and takes you back to your hideout. But you can just as easily kill him and loot his body. Doing so will net you a pendent with the code for the trap door. It should also give you a black box. After looting him you will wake up at your hideout.


Wolfman will be waiting for you there. Show him the black box. He’ll tell you where to find the church. Make sure you’re geared up and return. There’s more loot to be found here now so recheck everything. I believe the corpse of the preacher will still be there. Loot it for an alternate version of the pendent.


Open the trap door using the pendent code. This area is dark and brimming with enemies. Fight your way to the back of the room and loot around…

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