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Dawn of Man – Production/Storage Tips

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Production/Storage Tips

  • -Make sure you have plenty of wood and stone stockpiles all around your village. This will minimise walking distances. They cost nothing to build.


  • -Copper tools provide no stat upgrades compared to earlier versions. Consider building 10 of each just for the knowledge points, and beelining to Bronze tools which are actually better.


  • -Once you have a lot of farms setup, you will need at least 75% sickles. When you get Bronze and Steel, build sickles first. You often can’t harvest all of your crops until the season finishes with earlier sickle versions.


  • -Set all crafting, leather, skins production to high priority. Tools are fundamental to your whole operation.


  • -As you grow, gradually decrease the % of tools your produce. Set things like axes and picks to x10, 15, 20 depending on your population. You will have the majority of your population doing nothing except farming. The exception are goods like fishing lines which are great for trading.


  • -Bones spears and bone hooks have the same core stats as their flint versions, and you usually have plenty of bones from hunting. Produce them until you can produce bows and fishing lines.


  • -A single item will take up a whole storage slot (eg. a single biface). In later eras, sell off your obsolete items to free space, even if you only get 1 value.


  • -Once you have beer, it will usually displace the need to visit spirituality buildings, and works quicker than those buildings. If you have enough food, set production of beer to unlimited. Its also valuable to trade.


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