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Dead by Daylight – How to Play Against Freddy Krueger – Facts & Tips

27 October 2017, Friday, 13:52:43


How to Play Against Freddy Krueger – Facts & Tips

Freddy is pretty good killer, but he is not the best and he is not the worst, what is key to win? KNOWLEDGE. Here are some tips to beat Freddy Krueger.



Facts and Tips

-Freddy cannot hit you if you are not in his dream!

-When you are in his dream – Freddy can see you if you are out of his terror radius!

-When you are not in Dream state, always make sure you are out of his melody radius… run out of the radius as soon as you hear the melody. Other than with other Killers running seems to keep you alive much better than stealth tactics.

-When Freddy picks someone up in dream state wake up another person who is because he cannot use his ability when he’s holding someone.

-If you’re being chased by Freddy while in dream state, try to unhook a survivor if possible, because they can typically get a free escape and come back for you later on.

-When you are in dying state – Do not HIDE, just recover, he can still see you.

-It really easy to unhook someone when you are not in his dream, so, you can easy get some BP.

-If you have self care – USE IT it can be very helpful, fail skillcheck when selfhealing and you will wake up!



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