Dead Cells Cheats


Hidden/Secret Blueprint Locations


Stun Grenade – Ramparts. Appears along the wall of the pit going down, at the end of the level over the edge below it. Sometimes it may not be there, the same as Nerves of Steel


Root Grenade – Behind the timed door after the Black Bridge


Hayabusa Boots – Forgotten Seplechure. You need to reach the end of the biome and kill two elites that are close to the exit to obtain the blueprint


Assassin’s Dagger – Found above where you enter the Promenade of the Condemned


War Javelin – Can be found underneath the entrance to the Guardian’s Haven, through an orange floor tile and across some lava and traps


Front Line Shield – In the Ancient Sewers. In a hidden spot under acid


Assault Shield – Found in the timed door in the Promenade of the Condemned


Parry Shield – Stilt Village. Behind the elevator leading to the Clock Tower, need to get there with a Ram Rune and you need both Village Keys to obtain, one to enter the elevator area, one to enter the area Parry Shield is, you need to jump over the wall that separates the two portions of the Stilt Village to do this, as otherwise you would waste a key


Punishment – Clock Tower. Ring every ball from descending pitch to ascending pitch (4 bells) in that order to drop Bell Tower Key to obtain (e.i. lowest to highest pitch)


Boomerang – High Peak Castle. Need all three Castle Keys to obtain


Quick Bow – It’s in your spawn location in the hidden area on the left above some platforms


Marksman’s Bow – In the timed door in the Ossuary


Nerves of Steel – Ramparts. It’s at the far right of the map, assuming the drop to the Black Bridge isn’t there, you have to jump off the cliff at the right of the biome onto a hidden platform to obtain it


Alchemic Carbine – Ancient Sewers. In a hidden spot you must roll through somewhere in the entire biome


Explosive Crossbow – Promenade of the Condemned

Requires three Gardener’s Keys

One key in the ground you have to stomp 3 times to obtain, it looks like a rose and it’s before a ledge going upward

One key below a wall stomp rune spot

One key above a wall jump spot in a tower


Golden Outfit – Prisoners’ Quarters. Behind golden door


Disengagement – Only obtainable after killing the Hand of the King once for another rune that has been added into the game, it’s above you inside the wall in the initial spawn location, use your detachable head to jump across the platform on the left towards the right into a hidden passage, snagging the blueprint and pressing V to bring it back


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