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Dead Cells – Forge

8 August 2018, Wednesday, 8:04:16


Forge (also known as Foundry) can be found after each of the bosses and only then. In there you can permanently upgrade chances for your weapons to drop with +, ++ and S quality. Each of those quality levels will add to the weapon or skill extra damage, stronger and additional affixes (the effects like +100% damage on burning enemies). Aside from that ++ upgrade guarantees you +1 to the tier (Brutality, Tactics or Survival) to which this item belongs and S upgrade will give you +2. In case of items that belongs to two tiers the tier bonus will be randomly generated within those two tiers – for example for [Cursed Sword S] you can get +2 tactics or + 2 brutality or +1 tactics and +1 brutality.



You can upgrade gear by spending cells which goes as follow:


  • -1000 cells for 100% chance for + quality gear


  • -3500 cells for 60% chance of ++ quality gear


  • -8000 cells for 30% chance of S quality gear


Those are permanent progress bars so you’ll be able to have benefits from those every time you spend enough cells to reach each 5% milestone (as in 5%, 10%, 15% and so on). You can’t exceed the 60% cap for ++ nor 30% for S quality gear.



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