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Dead Cells Grappling Brute

17 May 2017, Wednesday, 18:19:26


Grappling Brute

This enemy is possibly the toughest one in the game at time of writing. A ton of health, strong attacks, ranged and melee options and even a move to counter people trying to roll around it to dodge all of its attacks. Take extreme care whenever you’re fighting one of these.

-Grappling hook
-Melee slash

Behavior: If you are out of its range, it will attempt to walk towards you. If you are in range it will attempt to catch you with its grappling hook and pull you towards it. The grappling hook may hit you and deal damage but fail to pull you in if it just grazes you. After pulling you in it will attempt to use its slash. If you get right next to it it’ll use its stomp, which is very quick and next to impossible to avoid on reaction.

Strategy: Hoo boy, this thing is a nightmare. It is grappling hook can reach you almost as soon as the brute can be seen on the screen, its stomp prevents you from easily using hit and run tactics and if you get hit you’ll take a lot of damage. Skills are again the safest option, since as tough as it might be it cannot attack above or below it. Ranged attacks are the next best thing, but be very careful of his fast and long grappling hook. Melee attacks are least recommended, but are possible as long as you make sure that only the very end of your slash reaches him, otherwise you’ll be in range of the stomp. Freezing or stunning helps a lot, but still be aware that it can use the bash almost immediately after the stun/freeze is cancelled.

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