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Dead Cells Hidden Items Guide

17 May 2017, Wednesday, 20:44:34


This guide shows you where to find and how to get the hidden items in Dead Cells.


First Hidden Item
We find ourselves at the start of the game, newly spawned after dying and wanting to go for another run. But first we are going to collect the hidden weapon, which is right here at the start of the game.

The screenshots show that we’re to head left immediately ‘til we hit the wall.
At this point you may have noticed the small platform above you, on to which you can actually get up, leading to another platform we’re going to ascend.





On our left side we can see the wall being sort of brittle or fragile and that’s exactly where we want to go.




Just roll to the left once and you should already see the obtainable hidden weapon. Another roll left and you are ready to pick it up.

This item will be the [Quick Bow].




Second Hidden Item
The second hidden weapon will be found in another region. We have to go all the way through until we get to the The Promenade of the Condemned.




Here we have to jump on top of the room we spawned in. We will not be able to jump on top right ahead, because the walls are to high. First you need to jump on top of the next room and then back on top of the first one. It’s a close jump but you will reach it. After that, jump a little more upwards and you will find the second hidden item.





This item is called the [Assassin’s Dagger].




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