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Dead Cells Infested Zombie

17 May 2017, Wednesday, 18:13:38


Infested Zombie

The threat level of this enemy varies wildly. At first glance, it appears like a larger version of the nimble and powerful Zombies, but when you get close it appears that they are slow and can only use the melee slash. However, when killed they spawn a swarm of Brown Bugs, which can quickly go out of control when there are other enemies around.

-Melee Slash
-On death spawn swarm of Brown Bugs

Behavior: Slowly walk towards you if you are not in melee range. If you are they will attempt to slash you. When they die a swarm of Brown Bugs will spawn (3-4). Additionally, sometimes they don’t appear in the level from the start but will climb from the ground as you get close like Scorpions do, though this is somewhat uncommon.

Strategy: Since they are so slow it is best to just ignore these enemies and save them for last. Even if they do get close you’ll easily have enough time to roll away from them. The danger is mostly in dealing with the swarm, especially if you accidentally kill one while there are still other enemies around, or when you kill two at the same time. Refer mostly to the Brown Bug entry to see how to deal with those, but be wary that these are quite a bit tougher. There are also a lot of spikes all over the map, which makes backing away from them more dangerous. Just avoid getting hit – they don’t deal much damage but you’ll have to fight a ton of them, and you cannot afford letting that damage build up.

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