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Dead Cells Mechanical Spider

17 May 2017, Wednesday, 18:24:03


Mechanical Spider

You know what’s worse than spiders? Giant spiders! You know what’s worse than giant spiders? Giant mechanical spiders! These huge constructs roam the Prison Depths, making dealing with other enemies difficult with their bombs, shockwave and large health pool.

-Bomb spread
-Shockwave stomp

Behavior: If it spots you it will attempt to get closer to you and either use its stomp that sends shockwaves across the ground in both directions, but only for a short distance. Alternatively, if you are too far away, it will shoot out four Grenadier bombs that randomly spread out to the sides.

Strategy: The biggest pitfall when fighting these things is to attempt to take them down in one combo. Even if you immobilize, stun or freeze them beforehand and use a strong combo with critical hits they will often not go down before they get another chance to attack. Therefore you should exercise patience and only get a few hits in before retreating a bit to rinse and repeat – they don’t have the means to deal with you at a distance so this is a very safe method.

It’s another story if there are other enemies nearby. Do not try to engage this enemy or any enemies on the same platform as it when there are any. Instead, wait for it to distance itself from other enemies and pick those off one by one until only the spider is left. Alternatively, it is very weak to ranged attack due to its lack of long-range options, so using those can take it down safely, albeit slowly due to its large health pool. Always be wary of its bomb attack though – those bombs can fly over gaps that you might not expect them to reach over, but since they are Grenadier bombs they are slow enough to detonate that you can easily dodge them.

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