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Dead Frontier 2 – Tips & Tricks

8 September 2018, Saturday, 15:02:33

Tips & Tricks

1. Melee when you can at the start. Save your bullets, .32 ammo is crazy expensive. Also attacking will move you forward slightly, be sure to back out of range after attacking.



2. Take your time to aim, and always aim for the head. Try to fire only single shots, this will save ammo and do much more damage.



3. There are many rooms in the Police Station, explore a little to find more NPCs that will give you quests.



4. While on the street, places with green names will have quest objectives in them, yellow is safe house, and white just has loot/zombies (can be worth exploring for gear and stuff)



5. Try not to travel too far until you are past level 5 (stay on starting street)



6. To “Dodge” or “Kick” you need a point in those skills. You get one skill point per level, use them wisely.



7. You are fully healed after you level up. Keep an eye on your experience so you don’t waste Meds, you’ll need them later.



8. Single floor/small buildings normally have a mini-boss in them behind the key door. You will get a nice Item from their body, but they can be hard to take down. They will have a fire/radioactive/speed/vomit buff so watch out.



9. Sprinting with SHIFT Requires The Sprinter Skill First.



10.  Your vehicle also has inventory slots as well as your account stash.



11. In clearence missions where you must kill a certaın amount of infected, the number killed will usually not show the correct amount until you enter a new area. If it shows 0/10, but you have killed 1 for example, reenter the area and it will update to the correct amount.



12. Listing items high on the trader can be used as extra stash inventory, each safezone/outpost has a seperate trader meaning more slots to list items, these traders only cater to their own area.



13. If a body has it’s jaw moving it is a zombie and will awaken when you go near to it and attack.



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