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Dead In Vinland – Companions

17 April 2018, Tuesday, 0:25:58


You can devide companions to 5 categories: shooter type, warrior type, protector type, attack support type and support type. Skills for each companion type are the same, for example – shooter type companions have save skill and etc.



Shooter type companions:

1) Kari (Leader’s daughter)
2) Shanaw (Wild girl)


Warrior type companions:

1) Eirik (Leader)
2) Eustache (French)
3) Knut (One legged man)
4) Lady Tomoe (Samurai woman)


Protector type companions:

1) Blodeuwedd (Leader’s wife)
2) Yaghoub (Persian merchant)


Support type companions:

1) Parvaneh (Persian dancer)
2) Solveig (Woman with a baby)
3) Brother Angelico (Monk)


Attack support type companions:

1) Moira (Sister of leader’s wife)
2) Gudrun (Blind old woman)
3) Cisse (African Griot)


Don’t forget that you can have only 10 companions in your camp, if you decide to kick someone this companion will die and you won’t be able to get him back and get huge depression penalty for several companions.


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