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Dead In Vinland – Companions

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You can divide companions into five categories: shooter type, warrior type, protector type, attack support type, and support type. Skills for each companion type are the same; for example – shooter type companions have to save skill, etc.



Shooter type companions:

1) Kari (Leader’s daughter)

2) Shanaw (Wild girl)



Warrior type companions:

1) Eirik (Leader)

2) Eustache (French)

3) Knut (One-legged man)

4) Lady Tomoe (Samurai woman)



Protector type companions:

1) Blodeuwedd (Leader’s wife)

2) Yaghoub (Persian merchant)



Support type companions:

1) Parvaneh (Persian dancer)

2) Solveig (Woman with a baby)

3) Brother Angelico (Monk)



Attack support type companions:

1) Moira (Sister of leader’s wife)

2) Gudrun (Blind older woman)

3) Cisse (African Griot)


Don’t forget that you can have only ten companions in your camp; if you decide to kick someone, this companion will die, and you won’t be able to get him back and get a huge depression penalty for several companions.


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