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Dead In Vinland Controls


Controls / PC Keyboard Shortcuts

The default control scheme for Dead In Vinland for PC is:



Camp Navigation

Move the camera to left – Left Arrow Key or A

Move the camera to right – Right Arrow Key or D

Move the camera to the center of the camp. – Up/Down Arrow Keys or W/S




Characters Management

Open/Close the sidebar. – Ctrl

Cancel any ongoing character drag. – Escape

Start a ”magmetic drag”with the corresponding character – Mouse Right Alpha 1,2 ..0

(Magnetic Drag) Move Character – Mouse Left

Cancel Drag – Mouse Right

Send all characters to the shelters – Backspace or Delete




User Interface

(Inventory, Character Sheet) Go to the corresponding Character – Alpha 1,2..0

(Inventory, Character Sheet) Go to the previous Character – Left Arrow Key or A

(Inventory, Character Sheet) Go to the next Character – Right Arrow Key or D

(Water, Food) Start a ”magnetic drag”, allowing to give the same element several times. – Mouse Right

(Magnetic Drag) Distrubute the element without dropping it. – Mouse Left

(Magnetic Drag) Drop the element. – Mouse Right

Close current popup / Open Settings – Escape

Open / Close the inventory. – I

(Dialogue, Time passing) – Enable/Disable the fast-forward mode – Mouse Right



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