Dead In Vinland – GOD Encounters


GOD Encounters

1) Strange Blue woman with cats (Freyja)

First search her – you will get “ancient knowledge”, then try to wake her up. Wait for 1 day, on the next day say: Frejya=>Vanir=>”Njord. Wait till next day. Bring her 1 milk. Now one of the main quests starts. You need to get full armor and a skull ball in order to kill Volcano.

a) Bring her 3 Oricalcum Beads – get Skull ball

b) Bring her 4 Oricalcum Beads – get Oricalcum Helmet

c) Bring her 4 Oricalcum Beads – get Oricalcum Gauntlets. Note – say “thank you” and don’t ask for more. This will give you “Freyja’s Blessing” trait.

d) Bring her 5 Oricalcum Beads – get Oricalcum Greaves. Note – say “just… keep it” This will give you “Altruistic” trait

e) Bring her 8 Oricalcum Beads – get Oricalcum Breast Plate. Note – say “Keep it, please” This will give you “Merciful” trait

Now you have all items, now it’s time to kill that Volcano!!! Go kill it, tiger!




2) Bored Blue Man (LOKI)

Loki will try to persuade you to kill beast, if you agree. Note: – say “May, I can help” you will end up with 2 new traits:


a) “Beast killer”

Skills: Strenght +5, Constitution +5, Agility +5, Courage +5
Battle: Effects Resistance +15%


b) “Gullible”

Skills: Intelligence -10, Wisdom -10
States: +10% to Depression increases.
If you refuse to kill it. Note: – say “No, really”, you will end up with 1 new trait:


a) “Clever”

Skills: Intelligence +10
You can use Loki as local merchant. And trade your items for seeds, items and ancient knowledge. If you think that prices are high, you can take Loki’s present to Thor, after that he will cut cost in half. Be warned that after you get this present to Thor, god of thinder will disappear, so i recommend to finish all challenges with Thor first and then give him present.




3) Muscular Blue Warrior (THOR)

If you meet Thor after you meet Loki – DO NOT GIVE HIM present from Loki, otherwise snake will bite Thor and he will disappear
You can take part in Thor’s challenges and get traits for your companions, be warned if you lose Beer Contest challenge you won’t be able to start it again, so it’s better to pass 1 day and save your game. Challenges are difficult, you get 50% chance even if your skill is maxed, but you can win them even if you have 10% chance winning, all you need is to be lucky:


a) Beer Contest Winner: – (skill Constitution)

Skills: Constitution +5
States: -10% to Sickness increases
Battle: Effects resistance +20%


b) Strength Contest Winner: – (skill STRENGTH)

XP gains: +100% to Forestry XP Gains; +100% to Mining XP Gains
States: -15% to Fatigue Increases
Battle: Max Damage +1


c) Agility Contest Winner: – (skill AGILITY)

Skills: Agility +10
Battle: Initiative +3


d) Courage Contest Winner: – (skill COURAGE)

Skills: Courage +10
Battle: Effects Resistance +20%


e) Crafting Contest Winner: – (skill CRAFTING)

Skills: Crafting +10
Battle: -15% to Fatigue increases


f) Cooking Contest Winner: – (skill COOKING)

XP gains: +100% to Healing XP Gains; +100% to Gardening XP Gains
States: -15% to Hunger increases


g) Fishing Contest Winner: – (skill FISHING)

XP gains: +50% to Concentration skills XP Gains
States: -15% to Depression increases


h) Hunting Contest Winner: – (skill HUNTING)

XP gains: +50% to Endurance Skills XP Gains
States: -15% to Injury Increases
Battle: Accuracy +5%



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