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Dead In Vinland – How to Survive Your First Week

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How to Survive Your First Week

1) Physical skills don’t affect how good a character is at a certain job, but they reduce the fatigue and depression they gain when doing different jobs.


2) You can make a tavern to relieve depression; when you click on the tavern, you can set the party mode, which will reduce the depression between 40-60 of two of your characters; the effect is greater if you put two people with great affinity together.


The best way to work it out at the start is if you match Kari with Moira and Eirik with Blode.


3) The rest area can reduce fatigue by 20-30 (Instead of the shelter, which reduces only 5!). It’s great to make it early and have your characters rest more effectively.


  • irik – 1º Fishing/Forestry – 2º Mining/Crafting


  • Blode – 1º Scavenger/Forestry – 2º Cooking/Harvesting


  • Moira – 1º Fishing/Harvesting/Healing


  • Kari – 1º Explorer/Hunting – 2º Mining She has really good agility, which means she builds up less fatigue and depression when exploring or hunting.



First days tip

When you are attacked on your second day, everyone gets an affection bonus if you make Blonde talk to Bjorn; Eirik/Blode/Moira is the best team during the first battle. Eirik and Blode can take 4/6 damage without getting injured after the battle ends, so they can effectively tank without consequences.


Once you win the first battle, Bjorn attacks you, and there is no way to win; the best strategy is to send Moira alone, she will get injured and heal herself a little, and it avoids most of the damage.


You don’t have to worry about food at the start but make sure to have a good scavenger on the shipwreck (Recommended Blonde)


The building order can vary, but it’s something like this.


Rest area > Mining Station > Lumber Station > Tavern > Fishing Station > Cooking pot > Harvesting Camp


At the start, you will lack jobs, so it’s good to have the mining station and save up some rocks to fix the crafting station and make the cooking pot (Make sure you focus on rocks!).


Lumber is used to build everything, and you should have enough to do it quickly if you have Eirik chopping wood and Blode scavenging the ship.


Fish is not very good on its own, but once you have the cooking pot, you can make pretty filling meals and don’t have any chances of causing diseases or sickness.


The harvesting camp lets you gather berries, those aren’t very filling, but they don’t give sickness either. Usually, you want to have Moira harvesting berries and Eirik fishing during the morning. In the evening, let Blode cook the fish, give Moira another task, or gather more berries if the gathering/fishing was too poor, and give eirik another task like gathering more wood.


Food will rot every day, and the more food you have, the more chances for it to rot; if you manage to produce enough food for your group in the morning, it’s better if you eat all of it and do the same the next day, since otherwise, 10-40% of the remaining food is going to rot and waste a lot of work.


When you find other people on the island, don’t recruit them right away, you can recruit them during the morning and make them work the whole day; otherwise, if you recruit them during the evening, they will only work one shift, and if you recruit them before the night you’ll have to feed them before they even do any work.


For last, if you want to get the best benefit and cost/effective hints. Most of the events you find when exploring are based on chance, and they don’t go away; your character’s skills go up over time, and those events you find can be played at any time. In that matter is recommended you save those events for 1) When you have the skills to do it safely (75%+ Chance of success) 2) When you need them!. Events are instant, and you can do them at any time. There is no point in doing a hunting event when you have enough food for the day, just to let it rot away instead of saving it, and maybe another day you can get enough food just from events and save everyone for foraging food and instead gather other resources or let them rest for a day!.


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