Dead or School Cheats


How to Use Cheat Codes

To enable debug mode, a launch option needs to be added


  • -In Steam, right-click the game and select Properties




  • -enter “_debug_on” into the text box



Now that you have debug enabled you can use the following shortcuts by pressing numbers on the numpad

0: Reset (resets any of the debug options you have chosen)

1: Invincibility

2: Full Heal (gives you full health & stamina)

3: Super Speed (makes you attack/ run/ jump/ dodge really fast)

4: Damage (damages your health slightly)

5: Down (insta kills you)

6: Quick Save

7: Unlimited Jump (gives you unlimited double jumps)

8: Attack Up (gives you a huge attack power boost)

9: Warp (instantly returns you home)



And then with ctrl + numpad number

1: Res Enemies (respawns all enemies)

2: Kill Enemies (kills all enemies)

4: Money (gives you some more money)

5: Customise (opens the weapon customise screen from anywhere)

7: Level Up (gives you a lot of experience)

8: Restore Weapons (gives you full ammo and full durability)

9: Teleport (will teleport you to where your mouse cursor is)

The most useful option is ctrl + 9 for helping out when something goes wrong.


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