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Deep Rock Galactic – Driller Class Tips & Tricks

15 May 2018, Tuesday, 18:27:27

Driller Class Tips & Tricks

-During extraction it can be a very viable option to drill your way to the drop pod if the proper way can’t be found. Usually at around 80 meters give or take is when you should consider doing it, but make sure your team knows about it as they would want to cover you.



-Don’t use the flamethrower nonstop, it will drain it’s fuel in vain. You can tell a good Driller from a bad one by how well they use the damage overtime. Be it against swarms or Praetorians.



-When drilling you should tap your mouse button instead of holding it, this makes it last longer before overheating.



-It’s often a good strategy to finish enemies using your pickaxe after setting them on fire, even though the Driller’s pickaxe deals less melee damage the fire will cover for it.



-Always consider drilling a tunnel if traversing up or down elevated areas even if it’s not needed at the time. Your team may need to go back up in a hurry for example and it would be nice if a path has already been made. It’s always a good idea to image what it’s like going back, espacially when playing the Driller. That is one of the reasons he should be played when you have some experience with the game.



-Using the flamethrower together with a Scout’s Inhibitor grenade will make very short work of enemies.


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