Deep Rock Galactic – General & Advanced Tips for Any Class

General & Advanced Tips for Any Class



General Tips For Any Class

-Inspect the starting room well.

-Toss those flares (they re-spawn quickly).

-If you are the 4th player to join, pick the class the team is missing.

-Pay attention to the number of flares on the ground and the color (says a lot about who’s been there and for how long).

-Pickaxes DO NOT deal friendly fire.

-Tag Red Sugar as you see it if your teammates are wounded (a friendly subliminal reminder).

-You can “grab” ledges. Tap your jump button. You can also press and hold jump.

-Don’t leave your scout behind while he/she gathers materials.

-Any number of Dwarves can join in on a press and hold action (2 Dwarves can resuscitate a fallen player faster than one).

-ANY Dwarf on the team can build the engie’s turrets (though some might not want you to).

-Look for the M.U.L.E before making it get up and move 3 feet.

-Use your lazer pointer regularly (you might be the only one to see that resource the whole game).

-Tap your lazer pointer regularly to keep track of the team’s position.

-Use your “shout” when you want the team’s attention.

-Check with your team before ordering a supply drop!

-Turning off headlamp can make it easier to see the glow of, jadiz, eggs and so on.

-Bugs fear explosions.



Advanced Tips For Any Class

-Use the bugs’ fear of explosions against them.

-Anticipate friendly movement (walk behind, not in front).

-LISTEN to your teammates. The Dwarves have many voice prompts and unique sound effects. Example: If the engie hears the scout shout “Lights up!”, the engie should be checking the lit area for difficult to reach materials to platform.

-Environmental hazards — electric crystals, slime, and so on — affect the bugs too.

-Balance ammo consumption. Ammo drops give 50% to all, so swap weapons for maximum gain.

-Know when to use the terrain scanner.

-Kiting Praetorians 180 degrees is powerful and requires no ammo.


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