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Deep Rock Galactic – Scout Class Tips & Tricks

15 May 2018, Tuesday, 18:15:35

Scout Class Tips & Tricks

-During extraction (when the drop pod has been called), use your grapple to go a little ahead of your team to try and show them which way to go or alert of dangers. Use your flaregun and place markers (control+left click) on the right paths, like a hard to spot tunnel dug by a driller which leads onwards. A wrong turn can quickly get everyone cornered and killed. Just be mindful not to stray too far from them however, you’ll need a lot of situational awareness.



-Also during extraction, your inhibitor grenade can be dropped at your feet to stop any swarms from following your team.



-The Scout and Engineer has a symbionic relationship, he places a platform under an ore vein, and the Scout grapples onto it for instant access. Both players of these classes should always be aware of this strategy. If either class marks a vein, look at it. They may want a platform or a Scout to go on it.



-Using the Inhibitor grenade together with a Driller’s flamethrower will make very short work of enemies.



-When using the flaregun try to place the flare as centered in the chamber as possible, like on the large crystals if they’re present. Just remember it has bullet drop.



-Use the grapple as a movement extension. Dodge enemies and explore difficult terrain. Just be mindful to grapple above something to land on else you will fall and may take damage. Should you mess up you can always grapple back.



-The grapple allows you to quickly reach downed teammates and get them back up again.



-Nitra often spawns quite protruded from the rockface, meaning it becomes it’s own platform to stand on.


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