Defense Task Force – Towers


Every tower has something that he is good for, but something else where he lacks. This chapter should give you an idea on what you can do but in the end it’s up to you to develop the ultimate strategy.


Machine Gun

A pretty basic tower, all around definitely not the worst but because of its low cost it often doesn’t scale that good into lategame. Main weakness are boss creatures, they may have a more advanced armor that can withstand the attacks of a machine gun tower.




The “big brother” of the machine gun tower. More damage but much lower attack rate. In general a much better lategame scaling than the machine gun. Purchasable boosts can enable this tower to stun its target.




More range paired with a small explosion radius, yes you guessed right, this tower is the natural enemy of weak mass creatures, only deficit of this tower is the long cooldown between attacks.



Proton Pulse

A powerful tower with a beam weapon, attacks will bounce to secondary targets, overall a good allround tower that has a lot of potential with a variety of boost options.



Plasma Beam

You’ve always liked beams? This tower deals more damage the longer it attacks the target. This makes it very effective against enemies with a high healthpool.




Burn them, burn them all! The fire tower does continuous damage against large groups of creatures which prevents them from recharging their shields. Good earlygame, but except for the shield-suppression rather on later stages.




Indispensable for every advanced defense. This tower does not deal any damage, instead it slows down the movement speed of all creatures in range. Very effective in combination with… well almost everything.




My personal favorite tower as it helped me a lot to get through the first missions. This tower has a chain lightning attack that doesn’t lose power on every jump. This tower is good at dealing with the first boss of the game but lacks effectiveness against large groups or strong single enemies, it’s just good for everything in between!




No game is complete without a little bit of toxicity, wait that doesn’t make sense. This tower allows you to deal damage over time to enemies in range, this effect also slows down the recharging-rate of shields.




My personal favorite when it comes to leak-catching, this tower offers the highest damage combined with the highest range in the game. You will have to get used to the long recharging rate though.


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