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Delver – Level Editor Controls & Hotkeys

1 February 2018, Thursday, 18:23:55


Level Editor Controls & Hotkeys

Currently, using hotkeys is the best way to edit your levels, as they allow you to access functions that are impossible otherwise. They are also very useful to edit even the most basic things, like tile heights, creation of tiles etc.


Tile Hotkeys:

Left mouse click: Select a tile. Drag to select an area;
ESC: Cancel selection;
1: Carve the default tile.
2 to 9: Carve different types of preset tile.
Z / Shift + Z: Decreases / Increases floor height;
X / Shift + X: Decreases / Increases ceiling height;
R (with a tile selected): Selects a specific corner or edge of
Backspace: Delete selected tile or area;
T: Spin floor texture.


Entity Hotkeys:

Left mouse click: Select a entity (you must select it before using any other command);
ESC: Cancel selection;
Click and drag: Move entity;
Shift + Click and drag: Snap entity to X and Y axis;
X / Y / Z: Snap the entity to the specified axis.
ALT + drag: Duplicate object;
Right click entity: Open the options for the entity.



L: Toggle lighting;
W / S / A / D: Moves the camera forward, backwards and sidewards;
Q / E: Moves the camera down and up;
Directional keys: Changes the camera angle.


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