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Tips & Tricks

– In arenas, all players will start with demon level1. Campaigns and openworlds mode will start player with their demon’s level.


– Pugatory’s OpenWorld mode is a free mode. There’s no objective. You can chat around or go crazy doing battle, it’s all up to you. Be careful with high lvl demons though.


– Press Enter to open chat box both inside lobby and mission.


– Use Up and Down arrow key to cycle chat mode (area/guild.)


– Press Middle mouse to lock on to your target.


– Press Tab to select and cycle friendly team demons.


– Hold down Middle mouse for 1 second to open over soul menu.


– Press [alt-g] for greet emo.


– Press [alt-b] for battle emo.


– Press [alt-p] for pose emo.


– Press [alt-r] for rest emo.


– Press [alt-m] for emo emo.


– Press Ctrl-h to hide mission interface. (Take a pic!)


– There’s Gluttonuy, Sloth ad Wrath arena’s weapons and armors schema rewards for quest reward for 23 arena plays and 13 arena win.


– Torment Weapon and Armor is available as rewards for 99 and 130 of each demon wins.


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