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Detroit: Become Human – Controls Guide

25 May 2018, Friday, 11:15:12


Triangle, Square, Circle, Cross – The face buttons are used for a variety of functions in the game. Often, they will be used in quick-time events, with each button appearing on screen for players to press. They are also used when making dialogue choices, with each choice assigned to a different button.


Left Stick – Walk/move.


Right Stick – The Right Stick is predominantly used to interact with the environment. Certain gestures assigned to the stick perform different movements like examining objects, opening doors and picking things up. It is also used to control the camera.


L1 – Look at/interact


R2/L2 – Used to fast-forward or rewind when viewing reconstructions.


TouchPad – Swiping the TouchPad is a way to interact with certain objects like screens and other tech.

Options – Pause


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