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Detroit: Become Human PS4 Cheats

25 May 2018, Friday, 14:42:00

PS4 Cheats

All Jericho Graffiti Locations

  • Graffiti Location #1
    • On the wall to the left once you exit the train.



  • Graffiti Location #2
    • Right in front of the escalator wall.


  • Graffiti Location #3
    • On the brightly colored building.


  • Graffiti Location #4
    • Head down the screen and look through the fencing to find to icon scans. Make your way under the fence and remove the planks from the wall to view the third icon.


  • Graffiti Location #5
    • Head to the junkyard and find an icon on the ground. After move the container over to climb up the wall to scan two more icons.


  • Graffiti Location #6
    • Jump to the other side of the last location and drop down. You’ll find the next graffiti location on the building.


  • Graffiti Location #7
    • Head inside the building then line up the wall and pillar puzzle to receive the next icon.




Getting The Secret & Bonus Ending

To unlock the secret ending in Detroit: Become Human, simply finish the game. This applies to all endings, so don’t worry about any of the choices you’ve made during your playthrough. After the credits end, you’ll be taken back to the main menu and will be greeted with a familiar face. The lady who greeted you when you first started the game up will greet you once more, then ask you a favor.


She’ll explain to you that she is trapped inside the game and after watching you play, wants to be set free. You’re then given the option to do exactly that. Setting her free means that she will no longer be visible in the main menu, while leaving her in there means she’ll stay.



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