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Detroit: Become Human – Tips & Tricks

26 May 2018, Saturday, 18:41:22

Tips & Tricks

-You can’t really fail. Every decision you make – bad or good – opens up new paths to discover and new stories to tell.


-If you’re feeling a bit lost, just access your Mind Palace – R2 button – to see your objectives and opportunities.


-Completed your story? Think again. Start over and check out the flowchart. You can pick up the action at key points and take different paths. Alternative choices can result in whole new scenarios.


-If you think your missions are too easy or too hard, then open the Options menu to change your difficulty settings:



-The perfect setting if you want to focus on the story with simpler controls. Challenges are more forgiving.



-Face a harder challenge with advanced controls, where costly mistakes made can result in losing a main character.


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