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How to Find the Secret in the “Timeless” Room

In order to find the secret in the “Timeless” room, you must find and input a code. Finding that code goes as follows:


You first have to go to the room to the right of “Timeless”, a room called “The Path”. As soon as you enter, discs will spawn moving in different directions as they do. The order and direction they are when they spawn is a code. All together, the code spells out:

left, down, down, left, up, right, up.


Now that you have the code you need to input the code. First die in this room. Now that you have the room select hud up, input the code by moving to rooms in the order of the code. Don’t try this in the map screen in the pause menu as it won’t work. When you finish the code, you should be looking at the “Timeless” room. Enter the room and you have your achievement. You also get to a new disc too.


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