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Disciples: Liberation: Beginner’s Guide – Tips & Tricks

Disciples: Liberation: Beginner's Guide - Tips & Tricks

Most gamers love those dark-themed games, and here is Disciples: Liberation, a tactical RPG that is the successor to the Disciples 2. But both the games are different from one another, ranging from the mechanisms, tactics to the whole gameplay. For this reason, most people aren’t able to get through the game quite smoothly as they should be. So, here we have a guide on Disciples: Liberation along with a few tips and tricks to help you out on your journey.



Recruitment Guide:

Recruitment is one of the most important steps in Disciples: Liberation, so we’ve put together a guide to help you through the process.



Unit Recruitment:

Initially, you have to get the Yllian Castle access. After that, you can recruit units. If you want to recruit, you need to go back to the Yllian Castle, then selecting the stone ring, abyss heart, graveyard, or even temple will allow you to recruit.


So, each of the recruited units has its type of position, abilities, and stats. You need to complete the levels and missions to earn the experience points. But you might ask, where can I level the units up? You can go to Yllian about this level up.


To level up your units, you’ll need gold and resources, and it’s crucial in a game to keep your unit level the same as Avyanna’s. As you progress, you’ll be able to create around 50 units, each of which can be combined with one of the four factions. These are the factions:


  • Empire


  • Undead Horde


  • Elven Alliance


  • Legion of the Damned



Lilryna Recruitment:

You’ll need some sort of healing power for your allies in the land of demons, which is why you’ll need to know how to recruit Lilryna. We’ve put together a guide to help you in recruiting her. To recruit her, you must first travel to the Heurik and then south. When you go for the first time, there will be a health source close by; furthermore, you will move forward in the same direction and get close to the building. Close to that building, you will find Lilryna.


You will have the option to join if you talk to her, but if your intention shifts from recruiting to killing him, you can fight him and kill her. There are numerous advantages to hiring her, including his abilities.


  • Sweet Kiss that causes weakness and confusion.


  • Seductive Charm that heals HP and enhances morale.


  • Soul Drain that heals by 25 of the enemy damage dealt, also damaging them.


  • Dangerous Beauty that actives upon a hit, causing an effect on enemies that causes demoralization.



Disciples: Liberation Class Guide:

Now, let’s move on to the class guide, where we talk a bit about the classes, as well as their abilities. There are four classes, namely, Warlord, Hexblade, Seeress, and Witch.


  • Warlord: If you want to do burst damage on close range, then the best class out there is Warlord. The main goal of this class is to do physical damage and allows you to kill the enemies that are hard to do so.


  • Seeress: it is a magic class and depends mainly on the abilities/spells to kill enemies.


  • Hexblade: Being a combination of both the magic, a well as melee damage, here is a Hexblade Class. They are kind of hybrid and can deal with both the physical damage and the magic damage.


  • Witch: Finally, the Witch class is primarily concerned with weakening enemies. The Witch Class is preferred to allow enemies to lower their potency, stats and die slowly.



Tips and Tricks:

So, here are the few tips and tricks of Disciples: Liberation to help you out in your beginner journey.


Mana Restoration: Each of the spells you use takes a turn on mana, and the meter needs to fill up specifically to use the spell. Each increase in mana has a variation from 2 to 5 on each turn. The fastest or one of the faster ways is to locate mana sources, but they are mostly available in bright rock formation and missions. You can select the soft blue light to restore your mana.


Resetting Skill Point: New players are sure to mess up their skill tree, but you have a chance to reset it, but you have to go and talk to someone. Yes, you need to go to Yllian and in the main castle under the resources collect to reset them for around 1k gold.


Castle Upgradation: Progression is the only way to upgrade the castle. There are four available levels, and when you have fully done any region, you can go to castle/Yllian and check whether the update is applied or not. In case it is not applied, you can double click on it to add allies.


Removing the Poisonous Vines: Only way to remove the vines is through recruiting Bagthal. This is done by completing the main story of Heurik’s and then recruiting as a companion in your journey. Further, you can burn the vines by simply clicking. There is also a skill that needs to be unlocked if you want to burn them at will.


Healing: Like most games, health regeneration is not done after the battle; instead, you have to do it during one. If you can’t manage it for the duration, you need to find a health source at the castle. Another way is through action points and casting spells to heal is a great way.


Please leave a comment if you have any other tips or tricks to contribute to this guide.



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