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Disgaea 5 Complete – Endings Guide

29 April 2018, Sunday, 18:31:05


No Ending forces you to start a new cycle, all endings can be completed in one play through;





How to Unlock


Humiliating Loss Ending


Lose to Red Magnus in Ep. 1-5


Regrettable Ending


With 50 or more Ally Kills, Lose to Majorita in Ep. 11-5
Successor Failure Ending


With 50 or more Ally Kills, lose to Bloodis in Ep. 15-5
Suicidal Decision Ending


50 Ally Kills and choosing the “Take Time to Think” option after Ep. 16-5
The Ending


Beat the game normally with less than 50 ally kills, or by selecting the “Runaway” option after Ep. 16-5

Usalia’s Death Ending



Let Usalia Die in Ep. 4-5


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