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Dishonored 2 – Blueprint Locations

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Blueprint locations

Search the indicated locations to find the corresponding blueprint:



Mission 2: Edge Of The World

Dispersed Incendiary Release blueprint: Go to the dock with the beached whale and turn to face the buildings. Above you will see an awning with an open window. Blink/Far Reach onto the awning and crawl into the engineering office to find it inside the safe. The blueprint creates the Incendiary Bolt, which immolates the enemy.


Hardened Bolt blueprint: Progress through the area until you reach the Karnaca Enclave. Go up the stairs to the Overseers Office to find the blueprint on the table. The blueprint creates the Hardened Bolt, which inflicts greater damage.



Mission 3: The Good Doctor

Combat Sleep Dart Formula blueprint: When you enter the building through the main glass doors, look up to your right. Go up to the broken walkway and into the next room to find it inside the safe. The Combat Sleep Dart Formula creates an instant sleep dart.


Mercury Vapor Distillation blueprint: It is found inside Joe Hamilton’s office, on the desk. If you do not get the key from him, search the box behind him with the gun inside to find the key. His office is on the top floor, up the last set of stairs next to the elevator. The blueprint creates the Stinging Bolt, which causes enemies to flee and forget.


Dispersed Incendiary Release blueprint: It is found inside Dr. Hypatia’s lab, to the left of the Bloodfly autopsy.



Mission 4: The Clockwork Mansion

Pyro-Sonic Casing blueprint: It is found inside the station in the Lower Aventa District, in the far back left corner. There is a room with a safe inside. You may be able to get in without a key but otherwise, buy the key from the Black Market.


Alloy Polarization blueprint: It is found on a desk in a classroom inside the building you have to enter to disable the Light Gate in the Upper Aventa District.


Conductive Filaments blueprint: In the Clockwork Mansion, proceed until you reach the room with the two civilians talking inside. There is a switch on the wall. Activate the switch and quickly leave, waiting for the floor from above to come down. Return to the room to find the blueprint on the table.


Slug Splintering Wedges blueprint: In the final area in the Clockwork Mansion, where you either encounter Kirin Jindosh, look up and jump to the next level to see a large desk with a painting behind it. Check the cupboard in the front of the desk to find the blueprint.



Mission 5: The Royal Conservatory

Triggered Housing blueprint: On the first floor in the Cyria Gardens Conservatory, go to the elevator. Look to the right, and go inside the room with the prototype Light Gate to find the blueprint on the table.


Configurable Grooving blueprint: Speak to the Black Market vendor in Cyria Gardens Conservatory for him to offer you a side quest. Complete the quest to get two blueprints as a reward.



Mission 6: The Dust District

Spike Grenade Housing blueprint: Go to the Crone Hand Pub to find Paolo sitting in the courtyard. Climb the stairs behind the bar and search the nearby rooms to find a large chest with the blueprint inside.


Secondary Coiling blueprint: Go to the Crone Hand Pub, and look towards the bar with the sign above that says “Saloon.” Turn around and go down the stairs through the door. Take a right, then left to find the blueprint on the table.



Mission 7: A Crack In The Slab

Firing Chamber Pivot blueprint: Progress through the Aramis Stiltons Manor area until you reach the large dining room in the past. Drop down and explore the nearby hallways until you see a large vault. Switch back to the present, walk into the vault, switch back to the past, and search the blueprint safe.



Mission 8: The Grand Palace

Small-scale Combustion blueprint: It is found inside the shopkeeper’s apartment. Go to the safe shop and loot the register for a key. Then, go to the door that leads to the Grand Palace but does not go through it. Check the nearby apartments to find it inside the apartments with the upstairs exit to the Grand Palace that bypasses the Light Gate.


Blade Conversion blueprint: Once you are inside the Grand Palace, take the elevator to the third floor. Exit the elevator and enter the room on your right to find the blueprint inside the cabinet between the two bookshelves.


Folded Galvani Resin blueprint: Locate the stairwell inside the Grand Palace on any floor. Follow it to the bottom to eventually reach a room with a guard and boxes on shelves. It looks like a dead-end, but use your vision ability to see a lever on the other side of the wall opposite the door you used to enter. Nearby is a tiny button; use it to open the passageway and go down the stairs to find the blueprint on the large table.



Mission 9: Death To The Empress

Dual Layered Galvani Weave blueprint: Aboard the Dreadful Wale before you embark on the mission, go to the room where Anton Sokolov is painting a picture. Check the nearby crafting desk to find the blueprint.


Counter-blast Inversion blueprint: Just before you reach the objective marked “Dunwall Tower Entrance,” there is a building to your right you can enter — the one with the first safe you could find. Go inside to find the blueprint on the table.


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