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Dishonored 2 – Electroshock Machine Puzzle Solution

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Electroshock Machine Puzzle Solution

The Electroshock Machine puzzle is at the end of Mission 4: The Clockwork Mansion when you finally meet with Kirin Jindosh. You can choose from two options. You can kill Kirin or place him in the Electroshock Machine. If you choose the Electroshock Machine, you have to create enough power to flip the switch next to the electric chair Kirin is sitting in. There are two nearby terminals that you can use that list various options such as Weaponry, Anatomy, Optics, etc. There is 11 power available, and the Electroshock Machine requires 7 — so you need to make sure the other two panels do not exceed 4. To do this, select Anatomy and Optics to have enough power.


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