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Dishonored 2 Infinite Mana Cheat

13 December 2016, Tuesday, 21:22:24


Infinite mana

Note: Create a backup save before using this exploit, as it could cause issues with your game. It can cause weird visual effects at your start and save screens. In Mission 6: The Dust District, knockout Paolo. This may also work on Breanna in Mission 5. Loot his body for three Bonecharms, but make sure to sacrifice the third Bonecharm. Kill him, then you should be able to loot him again for the same charm. It should now be glitched. It will always unequip itself. Sacrificing the Bonecharm will not give you any additional Whalebones; it will just re-appear. Stack five Void Favor Charms (four traits) to get unlimited mana.


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