Dishonored 2 – Safe Locations and Codes


Safe locations and codes

Search the indicated locations to find the safes and codes to unlock the safes to obtain the corresponding loot:



Mission 1: A Long Day In Dunwall

Safe Location 1: When you exit the palace and are on the Dunwall streets, progress until you see a large “For Rent” sign on a house to the left. Search the door to the left of that one (as you look at it) for another door. Inside is the safe, and the code for it is “451”. The clue can be found behind the painting in the room. The safe contains two Silver Bars and some bullets.



Mission 2: Edge Of The World

Safe Location 2: There is a safe inside the Vice Overseers Office in the Karnaca Enclave. Go to the room nearby with a projector inside and grab the note off the table. It will tell you to remember three specific things. Go back to the safe and check the book on the bench to the right. Use the numbers from the Seven Strictures that were on the first note. For example, if it said remember Lying Tongue, Wanton Flesh, and Restless Hands, the code would be 2, 6, 3. The code is unique to each player. The safe contains Raw Whale Bone, Rune, and lot of money.



Safe Location 3: Progress through the mission until you reach the Carriage objective. Before you enter the station, search nearby for a Winslow Safe Company shop. It is near a large black and white banner featuring Delilah Kaldwin. There is a “Try To Unlock Me” contest inside with a large Winslow safe. The combination is inside the cash register at the front of the shop. The safe contains a Bone Charm and 300 money.



Mission 3: The Good Doctor

Safe Location 4: When you enter the area, go to the far right and up the broken walkway above. Just ahead is a room with a couple of safe’s inside. One is locked and one is open. The combination is on the table near the doorway from where you entered.



Safe Location 5: During the story, proceed towards the mission objective to meet Alexandria Hypatia. Once you reach her, do not speak to her. Instead, explore the nearby room with an injured many lying in the bed. He will give you directions to the safe and the code.



Mission 4: The Clockwork Mansion

Safe Location 6 (Lower Aventa District): Exit the sewers and go left towards the map on the board up the stairs. Go down the left alley until you reach all the people, then enter the apartment. Go upstairs to find a safe in a room. To get the code for the safe, check the blackboard in the nearby room. It will have two digits in the corner. Enter the two digits, and then cycle the remaining digit until it opens. The safe contains money.



Mission 5: The Royal Conservatory

Safe Location 7 (Cyria Gardens Conservatory): Once you reach the Royal Conservatory, there will be a Light Gate blocking the front door. Turn directly around so the gate is at your back and look up for a balcony. Go inside and look for the Witch and Bloodflies. The safe is in the room with the Witch. To get the combination for the safe, you must purchase the safe code document from the Black Market in this area.



Mission 6: The Dust District

Safe Location 8: This is actually the door to the Black Market, but it requires a code this time. Walk around the back of the building to the alleyway and look through the barred windows for a door blocked by wood. Destroy the wood, then go inside and up the stairs into the room. There is a Wedding Silvergraph behind a photograph near the desk at the end. It says “Month of Rain”. Proceed to the hallway in the house to find numbers and a list of months. Check “Rain” and note the number for it and the date circled on the calendar. Those numbers are the code.



Mission 7: A Crack In The Slab

Safe Location 9 (Aramis Stiltons Manor): Enter the manor, and use your Heart to locate the Black Boneshard — it is near an elevator. The door is locked in both time periods, but proceed to the present. Crawl under the desk near the wall, switch to the past, and enter the room. Collect the dog, put it inside the furnace, and turn it on. Switch to the present and the bug nests will now be gone. You will see the safe door on the floor. Remember the code, then switch to the past.



Mission 8: The Grand Palace

Safe Location 10 (The Grand Palace): Uptade: Enter the shopkeeper’s apartment. Go to the safe shop and loot the register for a key. Then, go to the door that leads to the Grand Palace, but do not go through it. Check the nearby apartments to find the safe. The code is found in the picture frame in the office. The code is “123”.



Safe Location 11: The safe is inside the Captain’s Quarters on the first floor. To get the code, enter the Grand Palace and take the elevator up to the third floor. Enter the room to your right. In the far right corner is a small desk, not the main one. There is a First Captain’s Safe note on the desk, which contains the code for the safe.



Mission 9: Death To The Empress

Safe Location 12: This safe is in the same location as the first time you visited this area. The code is also the same, which was found behind the painting.


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Nico Wagner

The safe code for shopkeepers apartment at the Grand Palace is 123

Corvo Attano

The safe combo location for Safe 10 (The Grand Palace) is in the photo of the safe shopkeeper in the office across from the safe in the apartment.