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Disney Heroes Game Guide – All Types Of Features

22 May 2018, Tuesday, 6:13:27

All Types Of Features

At the beginning of the game, most of the features are locked and to unlock, you need to increase your team level and for this, you have to level-up your heroes, complete quests. Here’s all you need to know about all features:


  • -Market – It unlocks by completing chapters. Here you can buy and sell badges, hero chips, and other items.


  • -Coliseum – Here you can prepare your Dinsey Heroes.


  • -Trials – To earn extra blue and purple badges, it unlocks at team level 20.


  • -Guilds – Here you can hire Mercenaries, unlock powerful perks, battle in the creep Surge and more! Guilds unlock at team level 15.


  • -Missions – It unlocks after you level up hero friendship to level 5.


  • -The Port – It unlocks at team level 14 and here you battle for tons of XP and gold each day.


  • -Surge – It unlocks at team level 30 and here you work with your guild to clear the city before time runs out.


  • -City Watch – It unlocks at team level 25 and it is the best place to earn gold, tokens, and more. You will battle against powerful enemies.


  • -Campaign – The key to unlocking everything


  • -Crates – Claim your free crates; Gold, Diamond, Guide, and VIP


  • -Arena – Fight against other teams


  • -Enhancement – It unlocks at team level 35 and here you can power up your badges with big stat boosts!



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